Digital Signage Awards - Categories

Sectors - Content and Creativity - Technical Innovation - Overall Achievement


Sector categories (10):

The following group of sector categories will look for outstanding campaigns, screen placements, technical innovation, etc., by sector.

  • Advertising (use and placement of screens for audience impact through advertising)
  • Corporate (including communications, HR and H&S use)
  • Education (use of screens and screen media in all types of educational establishment or environment)
  • Exhibitions & Conventions (wayfinding/direction finding, in-show advertising, stand displays, agenda display, etc)
  • Healthcare (including hospitals, clinics and surgeries)
  • Hotels & Resorts (including casinos)
  • Music, Sports & Entertainment (all venues and events)
  • Restaurants, Catering & Hospitality (including pub chains)
  • Retail (all retail including retail banking outlets)
  • Transport & Travel (including airports, docks and mass transit, train and bus stations)

Content & Creativity categories (7):

The following group of categories will reward the best campaigns and content to inform, entertain and enhance customer experience:

  • In School or On Campus
  • On the Move (cell and mobile)
  • On the Street
  • In the Malls
  • In Store
  • In Transit (digital signage at bus and rail termini, ports and airports, and in all forms of transport)
  • Elsewhere

Technical Innovation categories (4):

The following group of categories will look for manufacturers, installers, network providers and content providers that can evidence technical advances during the eligibility period:

  • Viewing Innovation (e.g. 3D)
  • Interactivity
  • Software
  • Hardware

Overall Achievement categories (6):

The following categories will recognise and applaud the companies that provide evidence of the brilliant work or innovation they have introduced to the world during the eligibility period. Entrants may use their entries from other category groups, but the judges should be able to read about other achievements during the eligibility period. The judges may elect to promote entrants from the category sections if it is obvious that their efforts have enhanced, improved or broadened the success of digital signage use in all its forms:

  • Content creator
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Reseller
  • Installer
  • Network Service

Digital Signage Awards Grand Prix

In addition to these 27 categories there may be an overall Grand Prix awarded to the winner that has done most to raise standards or improve customer experience or interactivity, or that has been innovative in ways that benefit the whole industry.